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Shore Tree Service is a local professional tree service company offering eco-friendly, dependable, affordable and quality tree services around South Shore MA and Quincy MA. We offer services for community properties, historical premises, condominium complexes, homeowners’ association, commercial and residential properties.  Our company provides specialized tree services including tree cutting and removal, stump grinding and removal, tree and hedge trimming and pruning, tree hauling, emergency tree removal, promotion of tree health, land clearing, general landscaping, and firewood, mulch and wood chips needs.

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Why use a local tree service like Shore Tree Service?

The main three reasons are safety, equipment and knowledge. The job is high risk, that’s why you should ensure that you hire the right people. Many home owners get hurt by falling off ladders or having a tree come down in the wrong direction. Also, we have the cranes, ladders, chain saws, pruning, trimming and grinding equipment that individual do not have. Also this equipment is dangerous and needs to be used by experts. And finally we have the knowledge on how to tackle any situation, prune and trim to prolong and promote the life of your tress, and we can advise you on how to keep pests and disease away. Also, an important reason to use us is we are local so our arborists know what species do best in which places and can help you with tree maintenance.

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At Shore Tree Services, we value your time and schedule. We will organize an appointment that will fit into your needs. We have been in the industry for a long time, and we know how to best meet our clients’ needs at affordable prices. Our staff is made up of highly experienced personnel who know everything around tree service and removal and land clearing. They are quite helpful with great communication skills to ensure that you are not left out in any stage of the process. Our employees are well trained and updated with the latest technology to reduce time waste, money and avoid any potential damages. Our focus is providing clients like you with friendly services at reduced rates regardless of the size of your project. As a result, we have created a loyal customer base with impressive referral rates. All our policies are designed to provide you with only the best services, with 100% value on your money. The approaches we use in tree care are timely, efficient and safe.  We are also fully insured and licensed. Contact us today for a free estimate