Firewood, Wood Chips, and Mulch


When cutting trees to use their trunks, it’s always recommended that you use the remaining branches and leaves as well. Shore Tree Services is an experienced company that supplies firewood, wood chips and mulching services.


What are Firewood, Wood Chips and Mulching services?

Wood chipping and mulching services is the breaking down of the woody and leafy components of a fallen tree for use as firewood, wood chips, mulch, and organic material/manure in the gardens. It’s an essential activity during land clearing/landscaping activities.

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How to Make Firewood/Wood Chips, and Mulch?

With the assistance of our expert team, we have helped many Quincy and South Shore MA residents with the wood chip and mulch on their sites as well as preserve to the mulch and wood chips for other important uses. For the huge tree trunks we cut them into small pieces that are simple to manage and use as firewood. For the other minor parts of the fallen tree which includes its roots, twigs, leaves, and branches, we use high-end wood chippers to break them into small chips and mulch. Our core goal during these processes is to ensure the entire tree is used well, and no part is wasted.

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After cutting down the tree, you can always keep the subsequent logs for use as firewood or if you would like we can remove all or some of the wood. In the past, a good number of our clients opted to retain some of their wood chips and mulch. The mulches are also beneficial in controlling weeds in your yards as well as maintaining essential moisture in the soil. If you don’t have sufficient space in the property to store these mulches and chips after breaking them down we will remove them for you.

Buy firewood, mulch and wood chips from Shore Tree Service. We provide high quality firewood, mulch and wood chips. Our firewood is cut, stacked and stored to provide the best seasoned firewood in the Quincy MA and South Shore area.

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How do you season wood?

The firewood needs to be properly stacked in a place where the sun can heat it and the wind can blow through it to evaporate the water from the wood. You can tell the wood is seasoned because the color fades, the wood gets lighter because of the lose of moisture, and the wood gets harder.

Our wood chips and mulch are excellent for adding to the beauty of your landscaping. Call us for free quotes on firewood, mulch and wood chips.

Why Choose Us for Firewood/Wood Chips, and Mulching Services?

When looking for the best local firewood, wood chips, and mulching services on the South Shore of Massachusetts be sure to check out Shore Tree Services. It’s an established, local company with a reliable workforce that will help you with affordable services in the shortest time possible. We also hold your interest at heart, and that’s why we provide you with sufficient coverage during the wood chipping activities.

To ensure that we help you out in the quickest time possible, we have a team of dedicated customer care personnel that will help answer all of your questions. To maintain transparency and build trust, we will give you an accurate valuation of the task, with a breakdown of each service. This will help you understand our pricing structure that comes with no hidden charges. Our pieces of equipment are also well maintained to ensure exemplary services. Give us a call anytime to provide you with assistance for firewood, wood chips and mulch. We will be glad to help.