Land Clearing and Landscaping Services


Are you looking for a reputable land clearing and landscaping company in Quincy MA and the surrounding South Shore area of Massachusetts? We are isn’t just a landscaping company but one that is licensed, experienced, creative and has affordable rates. Shore Tree Service is an experienced local tree maintenance company operating in the South Shore of Massachusetts. We offer a wide range of land clearing and landscaping services to suit your needs both in residential and commercial properties. Here’s a rundown of services to expect from us.

Land Clearing and Landscaping Services

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1. Landscaping design and installation

Let us modify the features of your property to boost its aesthetic appeal. We’ll help you plan, design, and manage the spaces in the property. It doesn’t matter the size of the property. We have enough workforce to manage urban spaces, business parks, gardens, and parks, to boost their quality.

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2. Shrub Planting

We put our artistic skills to work in helping you plant and maintain shrubs in the property. Let us help you manage any stage of shrub development from design to planting. If you’re building a new home, we’ll help you select the best plants to meet your tastes and thrive in the location. We plant them, stalk, design and care for them.

3. Excavation

We have an experienced team that uses up to date types of equipment to help you with any excavation needs. Our excavation services include; pool excavation, pool demolition, concrete removal, site grading, retaining walls, and demolition among others. Just show us the problem, and it’s gone.

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4. Land bush clearing

Land clearing service is vital in helping you boost the value of your property as well as improving its beauty. In our landscaping and land clearing services, we’ll help you clear all the unwanted trees and shrubs to expand your outdoor space. In the land clearing, we’ll assist with tree stump removal, bush hogging, hauling, low-impact grading, bush mowing and much more.

5. Garden pruning

We’ll help you prune trees, shrubs and ornamental trees so they can grow new leaves and adopt a good color scheme. We also understand the timing of most decorative plants which produce flowers, so we’ll also help you determine the best time to prune them in preparation for the bloom season, and keep them clean and tidy. This also includes the select of plants and trees that bloom at different times embellishing your outside area.

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The benefits of landscaping services to your home are numerous. Here’s a rundown of what you enjoy by having a certified agency to help you with the task:

Shore Tree Service is a reputable land clearing and landscaping company in South Shore MA. We offer all-round landscaping services to our clients and also gives valuable tips on how to boost their residential and commercial properties values. We also offer stump grinding and stump removal if you need it. Our services are affordable, and we discuss all the costs up front, so you get a clear plan of what we’re going to do in the area. Your satisfaction is what keeps us going. Give us a call today for a quick free valuation and quote.