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Well-pruned and trimmed trees and shrubs enhance the beauty of your outside space and complement the landscape. On the other hand, poorly maintained trees often die early, can cause property damage and can creates safety hazards to anyone on your property. This is why your trees need to be trimmed annually as it helps to keep them in good physical health, shape and protects your property.

Depending on the type of tree, the period of maintenance could vary. For most, trimming or pruning should be carried out yearly. If the trees are next to your home, then you need regular inspection to ensure they are in good condition and not need trimming more often. While anyone can trim, it is important to note that professional trimming can prolong the life of your trees as well as enhancing the beauty. You don’t want to over prune or trim your trees because by doing so, you will be putting their health in jeopardy. Trimming the trees on your own may not bring the appearance that you wish to have and often times you cannot reach many spots that need pruning or trimming. But we know the secrets of this practice, we will help you to transform your trees and yard into a new amazing look.

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Trees and shrubs benefit with proper trimming or pruning, but most people ignore their trees by letting them grow until there is an emergency situation. Although trees can grow on their own, well maintained trees and shrubs can greatly enhance your landscaping. Untrimmed and unpruned trees don’t permit plants to grow beneath them. This is why you need tree trimming and pruning to allow grass and other plants to grow with minimum interference from the trees. Trimming trees requires specific skills because you must prevent branches and limbs from breaking from the trees. Proper trimming doesn’t go near critical areas that can destroy the shape of the tree. This is why you should hire a company like Shore Tree Service. We have been in the industry and accumulated wide experience that puts us the number one the choice among residents of the South Shore MA. 

How Does Pruning and Trimming Work?

When you call Shore Tree service for trimming and pruning job in your home, we first inspect the trees to see to what extent they should be trimmed or pruned. After the inspection, our highly skilled employees will discuss with you the best approach to use to bring out the best in your trees. We also incorporate your ideas to ensure that everything works out perfect as you wish. You will then get a free quote from our office indicating the price. We will set up the date and time which you feel comfortable with. On the set date, we will send an arborist with the ground-service crew who will complete the job safely and ensure that your place is left clean of all debris, all sticks and small limbs will be removed. Give us a call today 781-386-0707 for your free estimate for all your trimming and pruning needs around Quincy and the South Shore of Massachusetts for outstanding services and affordable rates.