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There are several reasons you may need professional tree removal and cutting services at your home or business. The main objective is usually for safety reasons. Tree removal is important, but it can be a disaster if it’s not done correctly. That’s why the task is better left for professionals like the local tree removal company, Shore Tree Service serving Quincy and South Shore MA. We don’t just have the best team to get the job done, we’ve invested a lot on the latest equipment to ensure that trees are removed with high efficiency, which is another reason to use a professional tree service. We have cranes, tall ladders, chain saws and safety equipment that most home owners and business do not. Using us will minimize the risk to you and to your properties. Our methods are also tested to ensure everything works as planned. We have worked on hundreds of projects, and we know which approach to take on every tree removal job.

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Why Have a Tree Removed?

If you have a tree that needs to be removed, you don’t want to wait because procrastinating only increases the chances of the tree causing damage to your property and even worse your neighbors’ property. 

How do you know the tree needs to be removed?


1. The Tree Is Dying or Dead

A dying tree is more fragile than a live tree. This is because its roots are not strong which weakens their support system unlike when they are healthy. Keeping a dead or dying tree or large limb on your lot increases the chances of it causing damage. It is important that you have the dying tree/trees diagnosed by professionals and have them removed if they have no chance for survival.


2. The Tree Is Sick

While trees can't get flu, they are prone to damage by pests and diseases. If this happens, it is crucial that you ensure that the sick part is cut to save the tree if it's possible. Also, you may need to treat the sick tree and surrounding trees so the disease does not spread to other healthy trees in your yard or complex.


3. The Tree is in the Way

If you are planning to renovate or clear your backyard, then you may find some trees in the way. This means you will need to have them removed so that you can get enough space for the construction. Besides, you don't want the roots of the tree cracking the floor. However, even if it's one tree, it's advisable that you hire an expert to ensure that they are safely and efficiently removed without harming your property.

Tree cutting Shore Tree Service Stoughton MA

When planning to have the trees or limbs you no longer need cut or removed, a crucial part is ensuring that you pick the right team. You can’t trust just anyone. Sometimes the job can be bigger than you think or sometimes you just need tree trimming. Choose a company like us that won’t just remove the tree, we protect your property, and the grass and the landscape. Our target is to leave your home or business as beautiful as it was when we got there or better.


At Shore Tree service, we specialize in tree cutting and removal services. We can guarantee safety regardless of the condition, location or size of the tree. We use our experience, expert climbing skills, our arborist and state of the art equipment to make even the hardest job look easy. And we can do this at an affordable cost, give us a call for the best-discounted rates with a free estimate.