Types Of Flowering Trees In New England

New England’s beauty is undeniable. The exquisite, regularly flowering trees are no exception to the beauty. They are very dominant in any landscape, allowing them to bring life to any garden. The right tree variety will surely enhance the appearance of your yard, too. If you’re in search of lovely, low-maintenance flowering trees that can survive in the kind of environment in the New England region, here is a guide you can refer to.

9 Most Beautiful Flowering Trees

There’s a large number of flowering trees to choose from, like the spring or summer blooms, deciduous trees, evergreen, and more. To make the long list shorter and easier for you, you may want to consider the 9 most popular and beautiful trees that bloom in the region for your own garden.

1. Umbrella Magnolia

Umbrella Magnolia - Shore Tree Service

– Blooms in late winter to mid-summer

– Can be as tall as 80 ft.

– Scientific name: Magnolia Tripetala

– Comes from the southeastern United States and has broad, open crown branches. Its leaves resemble an umbrella and thus its name. This tree bears cone-shaped rosy fruits.

2. Katsura

– Medium-sized with a height of approximately 40 ft.

– Flowers in spring

– Scientific name: Cercidiphyllum Japonicum

– Originally comes from Japan and China. This tree is can be a single trunk or multi-trunked, and has a well-rounded crown. It grows with reddish-purple foliage that turns into medium green in maturity, then gold, red, and orange in time of fall.

Katsura - Shore Tree Service

3. Black Locust

Black Locust - Shore Tree Service

– Tall tree with a height of 70-80 ft.

– Blooms in spring to early summertime

– Scientific name: Robinia Pseudoacacia

– From the eastern and central United States; a medium-sized flowering tree that has a narrow-oblong crown. Its leaves start as dark-blue green that becomes yellow in fall. It produces an aromatic, wisteria-like blossoms and purple-brown seed pods.

4. St. Lucie Cherry

– Can grow as high as 20-30 ft.

– Blooms in spring

– Scientific name: Prunus Mahaleb

– This is a small-sized tree, or a large shrub, that is from Western Asia and Central and Southern Europe. Also called the Mahaleb Cherry; turns yellow in fall and possesses dark green, serrated leaves. Its fruits were small, red, bitter-tasting.

St. Lucie Cherry - Shore Tree Service

5. Dotted Hawthorn

Dotted Hawthorn - Shore Tree Service

– Grows as tall as 20-35 ft.

– Blooms in early summer

– Scientific name: Crataegus Punctata

– Originated from the eastern part ofNorth America and is only medium in size compared to other trees; slender and has horizontal branches. It has fragrant, 5-petal white blossoms that produce round red fruits with white dots. Its leaves are slightly lobed, obovate, and deciduous.

6. Chokecherry

– Grows up to a height of 12-36 ft.

– Flowers in spring to mid-summer time

– Scientific name: Prunus Virginiana

– Small-sized tree that has an oval-rounded crown and is native to the United States. It bears pea-like round berries that are dark-purple in color. They grow well in sunny spots that are well-drained.

Chokecherry - Shore Tree Service

7. Smooth Shadbush

Smooth Shadbush - Shore Tree Service

– Flowers in Spring

– Grows with a height of 15-25 ft.

– Scientific name: Amelanchier Laevis

– Sprung from eastern Canada and the eastern United States at the beginning. It’s a small, multi-trunked tree that has egg-shaped, oblong green leaves. It creates an upright cluster of 5 to 12 white blossoms that are berry-like, edible pomes.

8. American Mountain Ash

– Flowers in early spring

– Grows up to 10-30 ft.

– Scientific name: Sorbus Americana

– A slow-growing, low-maintenance tree that has an oval crown. Gives away some tiny, orange-red fruits that look like berries. They love a mix of sun and shade where there are well-drained, acidic loams and wet clay soil.

American Mountain Ash - Shore Tree Service

9. Wych Elm

Wych Elm - Shore Tree Service

– Grows up to 60-80 ft.

– Flowers in spring

– Scientific name: Ulmus Glabra

– Originally from an area that extends from Great Britain to Siberia. It has a broad, rounded crown with some alternate, long-pointed, toothed, hairy leaves that are dark green in color. It bears small, winged, brown fruit.

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Expert’s Touch for the Perfect Bloom

Let Shore Tree Service expert’s hands work on your flowering trees for healthy, beautiful growth all year round. We’re professionals focusing on the preservation of the lovely environment here in South Shore. We provide tree care solutions that are guaranteed eco-friendly and safe.

Aside from tree trimming and pruning, we also perform other tree care services such as tree removal and stump grinding. Witness how lovely your landscape can become. It’s more than just keeping them alive. We keep trees healthy, strong, and green at all times. Contact us today to begin caring for your trees better.

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