Best Time Of Year For Tree And Stump Removal

Trees can contribute to the aesthetic value of your property, and it is essential to ensure that they are well-kept. Some trees are in a vulnerable state as a product of the environmental changes. However, decayed trees do more harm than good to the environment, and it is better to remove them. But, do you know when is the best time of the year to remove trees?

What Season is Known as the Best Tree Removal Time?

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Although you can theoretically remove a tree at any time, a specific season is considered best for tree removal. The dormant season, which occurs during the winter and very early spring, is usually recommended for tree removal.

This time of the year is preferred because dormant trees tend to be lighter. Many will have bare branches during this season, making it easier for tree companies to remove them. In addition, the cold ground will help other plants stay in place during the removal process. Trees require less work to clear during this time, and tree removal companies tend to be less busy. This can make a tree removal easier to schedule (and may result in a lower price for removal, depending on the circumstances). Below are the other reasons why early winter weeks make the best season for your tree removal:

During winter, dead branches become more of a risk.

A foot of snow might fall during a winter storm. When snow accumulates on trees, they get further weighed down as a result. Tree structures that become weak due to decay or death are more likely to fall off because of the added weight. Depending on your estate, limbs or trees can fall on top of things like cars, garages, or even homes. Thus, removing these trees saves other essential features in your space.

A stump or tree that is dead will no longer grow.

During the hotter months, dead trees cause more risks for nearby crops since nutrients are not properly distributed. However, during winter, removing trees and stumps ensures that the surrounding crops have enough nutrients and are less harmed. When the ground is frozen, the extraction procedure is far more effective. The soil and grass, as well as the nearby crops, are sheltered during the season of winter.

The earlier a tree or stump is removed, the better the area can be prepared for later planting.

It can be set for spring development by removing tree roots from the soil, contouring the area’s construction, and even aerating planting seeds. If you don’t want to utilize the space for planting, consider collecting up some lawn ornaments. Thus, due to the off-season, prices are often lower.

Why Should You Consider Tree or Stump Removal?

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If you have a tree posing a hazard to your property or appear sick and distressed, you may wonder if it’s a good time to do tree removing tree or maintenance trimming. The answer varies depending on the state of your tree as well as the time of year.
However, if your tree is beyond saving, it may be time to take it down. If your tree is dead as a result of sickness, it should be removed because it may constitute a serious threat to your property.

Why You Should Call a Professional Tree Removal Company

Tree cutting is something that many people do on their own but isn’t always a good idea. In dealing with damaged trees, it is best to call the experts. Here at Shore Tree Service, our tree doctors are skilled at removing trees safely and effectively. Our staff can resolve risks such as large trees, trees that are near to your home or another structure, as well as trees near electrical lines.

Our highly skilled arborist will be happy to handle all of your tree care needs. Rest assured, we will provide excellent, professional service. Reach us out today at 781-386-0707 and our friendly representatives will be happy to discuss to you all of your tree needs!

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