Tips For Protecting Your Trees And Shrubs During The Winter

Humans are not the only ones affected by the changing weathers. Plants, trees, and shrubs also need some strong protection against frost and drought. As the winter season approaches, thinking about ways to preserve the beauty and health of your plants becomes a must. The wind, snow, ice, and the freezing temperature all cause great damage to plants particularly their branches, foliage, and roots.

Aside from planning how to keep yourself warm and cozy during this cold weather, why not try learning how to keep your trees and shrubs safe? To guide you on doing that, here’s is list of the four simple steps that you can try.

4 Easy Steps

1. Give enough water to the plants.

Supply your plants with the right amount of water starting in the fall and until the winter comes especially when they are still young. This is a vital step to help young plants in developing stronger roots.

2. Put more fertilizers on the bases.

Layers of mulch or fertilizer made of dried leaves and barks will provide proper insulation to your trees and shrubs when the frosting begins. This way, trees and shrubs can stay protected from heaving as well. Remember also to leave a room for breathing between the mulch and the trunk.

3. Wrap your plants with a burlap.

Using burlap brings so much relief for homeowners who have shrubs that were newly transplanted. It helps in preventing the shrubs from freezing or withering.

4. Use high-quality tree guards.

This type of protection is not only useful during winter time but also during normal days when unwanted animals like mice and rabbits come to eat your plants. Adding durable plastic or wire tree and plant guards help secure the growth of your plants.

Damages Caused by Cold

Trees can suffer damage from the blowing cold wind and the lack of water available in the ground that has become frozen. Plants lose their hardiness and turn brittle and weak. To prevent this, learn more about the possible plant injuries the winter season can bring.

Splitting barks

Sudden changes in the temperature may result in the splitting of bark or stem. If left unnoticed, your trees and shrubs may not survive the damage.

Frost cracks

Observe your trees for a frost crack that’s narrow, but long and deep found in the trunk. Oftentimes, this appears on the south or southwest side, although it may also be in any part of the trunk. Trees with smooth bark are prone to this type of frost crack.

Desiccation or dryness

Water leaves the plants faster than usual in winter time as it quickly dry or turn to ice underground. This commonly occurs when the ground becomes frozen within the root system. You may notice this injury through the discoloration or burned feature of the leaves.

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