Why Is It Important To Prune Your Trees?

Tree pruning is vital to keeping your tree’s natural appearance and health, but attempting to do it yourself tends to cause more problems. Most people tend to trim the tree or shrub improperly, causing damage to your cherished green asset.

The science of tree pruning includes a deep understanding of biology and plant flaws to successfully minimize defects without compromising your tree’s growth. Basically, pruning is the art of trimming deadwood to achieve the landscape of your dreams.

Pruning is an excellent method of maintenance for growing and established plants. Regular pruning protects your family from pests, as well as protects your property from injury. In addition, it is a method to consider if you aim to have a long-term maintenance strategy.

Top Reasons Why You Should Prune Your Trees

The fact that pruning improves aesthetic appeal and makes trees safer might not be enough to convince you to prune your tree. So, we listed more reasons below to encourage you why you need to do a regular pruning program. First, let us tackle the reasons why pruning your trees is necessary:


Dead branches can be a risk to your property, especially when storms occur and are close to power lines. Pruning prevents accidents by eliminating high-risk and infected branches from a tree.

More Fruit Production

When a tree does not have much volume to maintain, it puts its excess energy into producing more fruit. To promote growth during spring and summer, you must begin pruning your fruit trees during the last weeks of winter.

Growth Control

Tree pruning helps you control the development of your tree. For example, when you prune trees during summer, you generally halt their growth. In comparison, pruning during the winter leads to the rapid growth of a tree.

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Ensures health

Pruning is a method of removing excess and infected branches in order to keep the trees healthy. It allows sun exposure for better growth, as well as more air circulation. In addition, pruning ensures health by promoting balance and structural integrity.


Hanging branches and overgrown trees can decrease your property’s curb appeal. Instead, improve the look and value of your property by keeping your trees in shape.

More Sunlight

Excess branches halt the entry of sunlight to your property. By cutting the extra branches, you allow more light into your home.

Improves View

Pruning improves your home by removing excess branches that block the view of your skylights, windows, and balconies.

The Benefits of Tree Pruning - Shore Tree Service

Pruning creates a better view of road signs. Sometimes trees can grow enormous limbs and branches that block street signs, causing difficulty for many motorists.

Pruning improves pedestrian flow. Trees placed near driveways and bike trails require pruning to eliminate runaway branches that may block traffic flow.

Pruning emphasizes the dangers caused by excess branches and damaged limbs. Dropping branches and limbs are serious risks, especially when a tree is situated near roads with heavy foot traffic.

Pruning lessens the existence of excess shade, which can hinder the increase of other plant life around a tree, including grasses and bushes. It also helps lower branches get adequate sunlight and moisture.

Pruning decreases the existence of leaf disease. Proper pruning encourages better airflow through the tree’s canopy. It allows the leaves to breathe while getting rid of excess moisture.

What part of the tree should be pruned?

Crossing Branches – When branches expand inwards towards the canopy, they lead to rubbing other branches, pushing the bark to sheer off. This directs to pest invasion and fungal disease.

Deadwood – You can eliminate dead and rotting branches to sustain the shape of your tree.

Lower branches – Also called canopy lift, is an excellent place to begin pruning if you are trying to improve light.

What Are The Dangers of DIY Pruning?

DIY pruning requires you to climb a ladder to reach certain heights, which may result in accidents or injury to yourself, others, or your property. Also, improper pruning may harm your trees. Instead of taking these risks mentioned, you should look for professional pruning services instead.

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