Stump Removal Versus Stump Grinding

Taking an unsightly tree stump out of your property can be stressful. Small stumps look like they’re easy to chop off, but this is usually not the case.

Before you opt for stump removal services, keep in mind that it will be a risky process that may cause damages to your yard.

That’s why at Shore Tree Service, we suggest you choose stump grinding instead. It is a safer way when dealing with stumps without harming your property.

Learn more about the differences between stump grinding and stump removal in this article, and don’t forget to call us at Shore Tree Service for your tree service needs.

Stump Removal

If you opt for stump removal, you have to eliminate the entire stump and the root ball. Remember that this is a difficult process and only tree experts are best to do the job. In many cases, the root ball grows together with the tree. This means that the root ball can expand, leading to different root sizes.

The root ball can be as big as the size of a tree. In some cases, it can be four to 10 times bigger. This is what makes stump removal a challenging process. Also, once the stump removal is done, chances are you will have a huge hole left behind that needs to be filled – leading you to more expenses.

Stump Grinding

After the tree is removed, you can eliminate the stump through the process called stump grinding. Shore Tree Services removes the stump with a grinder, and when the process is done, you are left with small pieces that can be used for ground covering. Once the stump is below ground level, you can cover the hole with dirt and mulch. The roots and what remains of the stump underground will then decay over time.

In terms of costs, you can also save more money with stump grinding. The costs are somewhere around $70-$200 less than stump removal.

Know the Best Time Of Year For Tree And Stump Removal

What are the advantages of stump removal? 

Both stump removal and stump grinding will require specialized tools and experience. Avoid more damages and contact a tree service for your tree removal needs.

Below are the following advantages of stump removal:

Full removal of stump and roots – stump removal ensures that no part of the stump will remain on your property, so there’s no risk of decay or new development.

Replanting is secure – You can now plant a new tree where the stump was removed.

Below are the common disadvantages to keep in mind when doing a stump removal:

Time-consuming – stump removal can take few days. Shore Tree Services will drill holes and pour chemicals that break down the stump and soften the soil. They will leave the project overnight and return the next day to pull the roots and the stump out of the ground. The process will take a while and must be done thoroughly to prevent damage to your yard.

Not environmentally friendly – Stump removal involves hazardous chemicals that can harm plant life in the vicinity. It creates waste but we ensure that we determine the best methods to dispose of it.

Stump Removal Versus Stump Grinding Service Braintree MA

Always Trust the Experts at Shore Tree Services

There are dangers to stump removal, and it’s best to let the experts at Shore Tree Services do the job. If you plan to do the job yourself, remember that you risk exposure to pollutants, harmful chemicals, and causing even more damage to your property.

If you are planning to avail for stump removal or planning to have a tree removed, call us at Shore Tree Services to know more about your tree removal options. Contact us here for more information.

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