What Is Emergency Tree Removal?

Removing a tree is no easy task, especially if it is an emergency issue. Make sure to remove a tree correctly and leave it to the professionals. Shore Tree Service is a company that offers tree removal services in the Quincy and South Shore areas of Massachusetts. Because we have been in the business for years, you can trust us to complete the job with expertise and the latest equipment.

In the meantime, we created this blog to give you an idea about the things that go on during tree removal procedures. Read on to know more about them.

Why You Should Hire Tree Removal Professionals

Tree removal- emergency or not- requires skills, expertise, and tools. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not have these. Tree removal companies, however, have them. They have many materials such as ladders, chain saws, cranes, and safety equipment to finish the job efficiently.

Companies that offer tree removal services also have proven and tested methods. These professionals ensure that there won’t be risks to you and your property as well. Chances are they already worked with hundreds of tree projects to know what should and shouldn’t be done.

Know What To Look For In A Tree Removal Company

What Is Emergency Tree Removal?

An emergency tree removal entails the removal of a downed tree or branches that pose a risk. They have the potential to inflict structural damage to your house and electricity lines and can cause significant injuries or death.

What Is Emergency Tree Removal Service - Shore Tree Service Duxbury MA

Why Remove A Tree?

There are several reasons why you should remove a tree. Generally, people have them removed for safety reasons. Others are forced to do so. Natural elements or phenomena like storms can cause emergency tree removals after they happen.

A tree has fallen

Again, natural calamities and factors can knock down a tree. They can obstruct streets and highways when this happens. According to Treecofl.com, call for an emergency tree removal if you experience one or two of the following:

● A tree touching power lines or your home
● Leaning limbs, branches, or trunks
● A tree leaning against another structure or tree
● Soil erosion
● Root exposure

Excessive rain or flooding can cause these and make your tree vulnerable to falling. Have it checked by professionals as soon as you can.

A tree is sick

Untreated tree disease may do significant harm to your trees. But how do you know if your tree is sick? Look for the tell-tale signs: fungus, knotty roots, dead branches, peeling and brittle bark, presence of carpenter ants, uneven foliage, and fading leaves.

Contact an arborist to have your tree evaluated. They can treat it or collaborate with tree removal experts to safely remove it before it becomes a severe emergency.

A tree is dead or dying

A dying tree is as risky as a sick one. For one, it is fragile because of weakened roots. Second, keeping a dying tree or dead tree limbs puts you in danger. Talk to an arborist or employ tree removal services if a tree has no chance of survival.

A tree is in the way

Do you have an upcoming project that needs you to cut down a tree that’s in the way? Have it professionally extracted. Doing so enables you to maximize space and can save your home from damage. Likewise, you’ll be assured that there won’t be any damage to your property during the whole process.

Do you need help in removing a tree? Call us today for a free instant quote. An emergency tree removal cost depends on how extensive the project is, so it’s best to talk to us to give you an intelligent estimate. Our lines are always open for you!

What Is Emergency Tree Removal Service in Duxbury MA - Shore Tree Services

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