Autumn Tree Care Tips

Autumn Tree Care Tips - Shore Tree Service Quincy, MA

The autumn season is very important for a tree because it’s the time to start preparing for winter. This is the time when the leaves begin to turn and fall off. Meanwhile, it’s important to keep in mind that the type of tree will determine how much care is needed during this time. You should […]

What To Look For In A Tree Removal Company

What To Look For In A Tree Removal Company - Shore Tree Service

When a tree is cut down, the excess stump can be an unsightly sight. Not only that, but it can also be dangerous, as it can be a trip hazard for pedestrians and a breeding ground for pests. Stump removal is the process of getting rid of the stump and its roots so that the […]

Types of Flowering Trees in New England

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New England’s beauty is undeniable. The exquisite, regularly flowering trees are no exception to the beauty. They are very dominant in any landscape, allowing them to bring life to any garden. The right tree variety will surely enhance the appearance of your yard, too. If you’re in search of lovely, low-maintenance flowering trees that can […]